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sakura quest ep 7 recap

Last night I watched episode 7 of Sakura Quest, one of the new anime series this spring season. So far I like it, though I have fallen a bit behind (episode 8 is already out!). 

So episode 6 left us with a small budget film crew coming to town to shoot a movie. At first the girls are pretty excited, but soon Maki and Shiori start to have their own internal dilemma, Maki confronted with her lucklaster acting career and Shiori seemingly upset about an old house being burned down for the big finale.

Episode 7 continues with Maki torn with her decision to leave acting behind. She’s stubborn and, even after being scolded by Sanae at the ending of the last episode for giving up, still hesitates in helping out with the film. She almost jumps in at one point to be an extra but decides on help Ririko with the scene instead. 

Maki starts to help out more when a scene with kid zombies is moved up a day and they have to scramble to get the kids. She calls her brother who leads a taiko group to see if he can get some of his students. 

Meanwhile, Yoshino is finally able to get in contact with the owners of the house the production wants to use in the film only to learn they had already given permission a few days before when Shiori visits them. Shiori is reminiscing at the old house, revealing her connection to the place. As a child she used to visit the old lady who lived there. Yoshino then arrives and confronts Shiori about lying to them regarding the house’s owners. The two have an argument. Shiori doesn’t want the house and all the memories to be burnt down. Yoshino retaliates that she’s to my concerned with her memories and doesn’t care about other old houses being burnt down. She tells Shiori to stop living in the past. Upset, Shiori yells at her that someone who abandoned her hometown cant understand.

Back on the film front, Maki’s brother has been able to get kids for the shoot and their gathering at the school. Turns out Maki’s father is the vice principal and was able to get enough kids for the shoot. Not wanting to face her dad, Maki goes to her old classroom and reminisces about her role in the school play, an eager little tree. 

Maki ends up taking a walk through the town, remembering the spots where she nursed her passion for acting. She goes to the local cafe and is given a video that her father shot and kept of that school play mentioned before.

Finally, they get to the day where they’re going to shoot the final scene with the burning house. Shiori is sad about it but makes amends with Yoshino who also apologies for what she said. The director decides that for the final shot he want the main actress to look like she’s running into the burning house. Her manager doesn’t want her to do it. It’s too dangerous. Maki arrives and asks to be the stunt double for the scene now that’s she’s renewed her drive for acting. They successfully shoot the final scene with Maki taking the young actress’ place. Even her dad, who Maki had been avoiding, joins the crowd to watch.

As the production crew wraps up, Shiori finds out Yoshino requested to have the owner of the house thanked in the credits. The crew promise to spread the good word of the town and how helpful everyone was. The girl wrap up their night at home with a couple of beers, exhausted but happy. Finally, the episode ends with a call about another potential shoot but the crew had exaggerated what could be done in the town and the caller was making ridiculous requests.


That’s mainly what happened in the episode. The show largely deals with disappointment and disillusionment, which we saw a lot with Maki these last two episodes, and Yoshino and Sanae in the episodes before, but they also give little bits of hope. Either by taking advantage of new opportunities that were unplanned for, like Yoshino’s move to Manoyama, or renewed drive like with Maki. The girls mainly share a feeling of not knowing what to do or where to go with their lives, despite being at different stages of their careers, which is something that I find relatable and keeps me watching. It’s not my favorite show but I’ll definitely finish the season.

~Pati the Blue Link

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