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fanime live report!

8:16 am: waiting for my friend to pick me up before we go pick someone else up and head out! Wore my new pikachu shirt from uniqlo. Maybe I’ll snap a picture later.

8:39 am: Got the crew together. Time to head out! 😤

9:36 am: And now the search for parking begins… 😔

10 am: made it! Got my badge and am ready to explore. 

10:34 am: hit the dealer’s hall for Nendoroid Deku. Unfortunately, my mission was a failure. 😞 oh wells. On to the artist alley. 

12:05 pm: still getting through the artist alley. I’m hungry and I’ve spent too much!! 😭😭😭

12:40 pm: spent a lot of time in the artist alley but it’s time to eat! If only we could decided on what? So indecisive.

1:43 pm: lunch time!!

2:58 pm: it’s almost three and I’m feeling laaaaaszzzzyyyyy. Just chillin’ in front of the convention center, checking out all the cosplay. Lots of Tohrus.

4:34 pm: did another quick run though the dealers hall and artist alley looking for stuff for my brother and sister. Of course my brother wants shirts for shows I can’t find! Got him charms instead! Now just relaxing while Didi does her last shopping. 

5:33 pm: tired! Time to call it quits and go home. Thanks Fanime; it’s been great. Til next time!

​~Pati the Blue Link

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