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fanime tomorrow

I’m super exited for tomorrow! A couple of friends and I are going to Fanime!! For those that don’t know, Fanime is an anime convention in San Jose, CA. 

I’m really excited. I haven’t been since I was 15 and I convinced my older brother to take me. That year I got him to go with me to three cons (Fanime, Anime Overdose, and Anime Destiny). A couple of my friends went with us for the other two, but Fanime was just me and my bro. We didn’t stay very long since neither of us had a drivers license or a car so we had to take public transportation which took a couple of hours one way. 

I remember waiting in a long line to get my pass, probably took like an hour and the center was pretty crowded with a bunch of anime fans. We went to a few panels. I think we went to the Gaiaonline one? I was really into Gaia at the time. I don’t remember if was from fanime but I do still have a Kyo keychain that I got during those trips. 

After that, I didn’t go to any cons for years. It wasn’t for a lack of wanting but more just general laziness. Going to SJ without a car was a hassle and I would honestly forget the other cons were happening until I missed them. I finally went to a con again last year with Kraken Con and then SF Comic Con. Luckily my friends are kind of into them so we’re going again this year, at least to Kraken Con.

My favorite part of cons are the Artist Alleys. I just love looking through all the great fanart and getting myself some prints and charms. My work desk is full of buttons I’ve collected over the last year. Panels are great too. Hopefully will get to check one or two out tomorrow, though I bet the lines to get in will be long. While I don’t cosplay, though I’ve thought about it, I do love seeing everyone’s outfits. My friend does photography, so sometimes I just follow him around taking pictures of cosplayers. Respectfully of course. 

So yeah, definitely looking forward to tomorrow. Gonna start the day bright and early since my friend I going to pick us up and then drive down. My goal for the trip is to have fun and hopefully find a Deku Nendoroid in the dealers’ hall. I don’t usually buy much official merch, usually get my Nendoroids online, but I missed out on Deku from My Hero Academia and Cons are a good place to find merch like that so wish me luck! Hopefully I don’t spend too much tomorrow.

~Pati the Blue Link

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