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my hero academia ep 22 recap

After a fun day at fanime on Saturday, I went home to watch the latest episode of My Hero Academia: Bakugo vs. Uraraka. Not going to lie, I was super excited for this episode! Going into the episode, I really wanted Uraraka to win, though I was pretty sure Bakugo would.


Starting off where we last left off, Deku and Iida have given their best wishes for her fight, and return to the stands to watch the match. Both express their frustrations at not being able to help Uraraka. As the match is gearing to start, Iida asks Deku what plan he had come with for the fight. Deku explains how Uraraka’s best chance was to get Bakugo to float at the start of th  match. He notes how Bakugo tends to start a fight in the same way, with his right arm.

As soon as the match starts, it looks like Ochaco has the same idea as Deku and she rushes Bakugo. She uses her jacket as a decoy to distract Bakugo after his first explosive attack and almost reaches him, but thanks to his quick reflexes, Bakugo is able to evade the attack and sets another explosion her way.

The match continues in the same fashion for a whil. Uraraka rushing Bakugo who attacks her with an explosion, lifting tons of stage debris. The audience begins to feel uncomfortable viewing the match as Bakugo seems to overwhelming have the upper hand. Uraraka is take several hits but won’t back down.

The crowd turns on Bakugo, telling him to take it easier on Ochaco. This doesn’t sit well with Aizawa (Eraserhead) who takes the mic and scolds the pro heros in the crowd. They’re being disrespectful towards both Uraraka who is giving it her all and Bakugo who is treating Uraraka as a serious opponent.

At this moment, Uraraka thanks Bakugo for keeping his guard up and her plan is revealed as the sky is full of the debris from all of Bakugo’s explosions. Using the smoke as cover, Uraraka had been sending up the debris to bring down on Bakugo, like a meteor shower. She lets the rocks fall as she rushes him once again, hoping to use the falling debris as cover and a distraction to touch Bakugo and float him. She comes close but Bakugo unleashes an explosion that cleared the falling rubble and sends Uraraka flying before she can reach him.

Uraraka tries to fight again but her wounds finally catch up to her and she collapses, unable to continue the fight. Bakugo is declared the winner and Ochaco is taken to recover.

Deku then heads to check on Uraraka in one of the waiting rooms before his match with Todoroki. On his way, he runs into Bakugo who accuses Deku of giving Uraraka that plan against him. Deku denies that it was his plan and it was Uraraka herself give Bakugo a hard time. Bakugo then returns to the stands, where some of his classmates scold him for being so harsh on a frail girl. Bakugo largely ignored them, quietly stating that Uraraka wasn’t frail.

Meanwhile, Deku meets with Ochaco who is mostly recovered from the fight after Recovery Girl has healed most of her wounds. She’s trying to keep a bright face in light of her frustrations and and tells Deku that’s she rooting for him in his next fight. Deku heads to his match, after Kirishima gains a victory after an arm wrestling tie breaker. Once Deku is gone, Uraraka calls her dad back, apologizing for not answering while Deku was there. He lets her know that they watch the match and are proud of her. Ochaco expresses her frustrations and desire to become a hero quickly to help her family and breaks down crying when he dad tells her not to worry and rush things.

Finally as Deku heads to the stage for his match, he runs into Todoroki’s father Endeavor. Endeavor comments how Deku’s power is like All-Might’s. Deku tries to leave quickly but is stalled when Endeavor tells him to no give a disgraceful match. Deku turns to tell Endeavor that he isn’t All-Might and Todoroki isn’t Endeavor.

The episode ends with Todoroki and Deku ready to start their match.


So I really loved this episode. Uraraka is my girl. I love her! I’m really glad that Bakugo treats her like any other opponent and doesn’t hold back because she’s a girl. Uraraka doesn’t hold back either and takes the fight seriously which I think earns Bakugo’s respect, especially after he learns that it was all Uraraka; Deku didn’t help her plan her strategy at all. I really love how he comments how she isn’t frail. Uraraka is her own person with her own goals and it’s great to see that and see her growth from the first season.

I’m also really excited to see next weeks episode with Deku and Todoroki’s fight. It’s pretty early in the tournament and I honestly don’t know who will win. I can see it going either way narratively so I can’t wait!

Finally, before this season had started, I had seen a lot of Uraraka x Bakugo fanart and from what I had seen in season 1, I hadn’t really seen anything to warrant the two as a ship, but after this fight I can totally see something building between the two. Makes me wonder what else has happened between the two in the manga. I don’t know. Uraraka with Deku was cute. It I can totally see the appeal of Uraraka x Bakugo. Ah my poor shipper heart. We shall see ❤️

~Pati the Blue Link

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