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my hero academia ep 23 & 24 highlights

Not even a month of blogging and I already failed my goal 😆😆😂😂😭😭😫😫

But anyways, here we go!

After that wonderful match between Uraraka and Bakugo, we finally get to the match we’ve been waiting for: Deku v Todoroki! Plus, a quick run through the rest of the battles to get to the final match.


We get a quick arm wrestling match between Kirishima and Tetsutetsu with Kirishima emerging as the winner! Turns out Tetsutetsu relies on iron to keep those metal powers working. But after his victory, the two become best bros!

Kirishima returns to class a in the stands at the start of Todoroki and Deku’s fight. Here we get to see a glimpse of a more calm and strategical Bakugo, who examines Todoroki’s quick and notes that everyone has a limit to their abilities before being a more typica Kacchan and telling Kirishima to die. It’s nice to be reminded that Bakugo is actually pretty smart and not just a raging jerk face. 

Now finally to the fight! Todoroki is ready to defeat Deku using only his ice and unleashes a fury of ice towards my son who sacrifices a finger and blows the ice away using One-for-All. Todoroki repeats the attack and Deku sacrifices yet another finger, trying to figure out his game plan, noting how many finger attacks he has left.

At this point, Deku still doesn’t have good control over his quirk and isn’t able to use his attacks without damaging himself most of the time. His best plan is to limit the damage to his fingers so he can continue.

Meanwhile, during the fight we are presented with several flashbacks of Todoroki’s childhood where he was separated from his siblings and grew to hate his father, ultimately leading up to the moment his mother cracks under the abuse and burns his left eye with boiling water. 

While focusing on the tragedy of his childhood, Todoroki refuses to use his fire quirk inherited from his father in the match, over-using on his ice abilities, causing his right side to slowly get covered in frostbite.

During the fight Deku edges Todoroki on to use his full ability, including his fire powers, to strive to win the match and become a hero. Deku reminding Todoroki that the ice and fire are HIS powers juxtaposed with a flashback of young Todoroki watching All-might on TV and having his mother tell him he could be the hero he wants to be, finally break Todoroki and he unleashes his flames. 

At that, Deku smiles. From the stands, All-Might recognizes that Deku doesn’t just want to beat Todoroki, he wants to save him. Endeavor is excited that Todoroki is finally using his flames, but is largely ignored by the boy.

In a sequence of some of the most gorgeous animation I’ve seen, Todoroki and Deku share for one intense finally attack. A clash so powerful and overwhelming, the pro heros proctoring the match feel the need to step in to minimize the damage, creating stone walls between the two. In a large explosion that shakes the stadium the two meet. 

Once the smoke has cleared, Todoroki is declared the winner as Deku has fallen unconscious outside the ring. Todoroki is left shaken while Deku is taken to Recovery Girl. 

While episode 23 was dedicated mainly to the match between Midoriya and Todoroki, episode 24 speeds you through a lot of smaller but important matches and information.

Endeavor finds Todoroki and is excited to train him, a dazed Todoroki informs his father that nothing has changed between them. He was only able to use his fire because for once, he wasn’t thinking about his dad. Todoroki needs to think about the fact he used his flames and what that means for him.

Deku and All-Might get scolded by Recovery Girl. Deku was too reckless in that battles and All-Might is partly to blame for puttting pressure on Deku and not properly training his with One-For-All. While she is able to heal Deku’s injuries, Recovery Girl let’s him know that his fingers will never be the same again and that she won’t heal such reckless injuries again. 

After leaving the infirmary, Deku tells All-Might that he might want another successor. All-Might reveals that he too was quirkless, jus like Deku before receiving One-For-All. Deku hadn’t known; he had never asked. All-Might confirms that he believes Deku was the right person to inherit the quirk. Feeling better after his defeat, Deku returns to the stands to watch the rest of the matches.

The fights continues. Iida quickly defeats Ibara, pushing the green-haired out of bounds. Tokoyami makes a quick victory against Mina as well. Kirishima is doing well, staying on the offense against Bakugo but ultimately he reaches his Quirk’s limit which Bakugo takes advantage of and comes out victorious. 

Iida laments to Deku that his older brother is unable to watch the sports festival due to work before preparing for his match against Todoroki. Tensei, Iida’s older brother is shown on his mission searching for a villain. Tensei finds his culprit in a dark alley and faces off with the Hero killer Stain. 

Iida faces Todoroki, evading his long distance ice attacks While Iida is able to give Todoroki a good kick to the head, he ultimately loses when Todoroki freezes his engines after Iida’s attack. 

Back to Iida’s brother, Tensei is left in a pool of his blood. Stain is disgusted by heroes and the society that has emerged around pro heroes. The only real Hero is All-Might and only he can defeat him.

Bakugo also makes quick work of Tokoyami, when he figures out Dark Shadow’s weakness is light. He lets out a explosion like a stun grenade and pins Tokoyami down, forcing him to surrender.

Iida receives a call from his mother after his match. Thinking it’s about his defeat, Iida apologizes but is soon interrupted by his mom to learn about what has happened to his brother. 

Lastly, Stain is approached by Kurogiri to joins their fight and the two disappear together. 


There you go! A lot has happened in the last  two episodes. I’m glad we got to see a more collected and strategic Bakugo outside of the explosive and rude personality we’re accustomed to, though that’s never far behind. 

While I’m sad that Deku lost, it was a great battle and I do hope my son learns to control and use his quirk without hurting himself. Hopefully we’ll get to see a growing friendships between Deku and Todoroki.

Also, I hope Iida’s brother is able to fully recover from his attack! Looks like we’re getting clue for the next arc as the sports festival is coming to an end with Todoroki versus Bakugo in the final match. 

~Pati the Blue Link

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