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✨ this week in figure news ~ 001 ✨

Hey all! Trying something new here. As I’ve mentioned before, I have a growing Nendoroid obsession and while that currently doesn’t extend to other figures at the moment, I still like see what’s out there so here’s a little recap of things that have caught my interest lately in a new, hopefully reoccurring, segment. Enjoy!


Preorders for Nendoroid Lillie, from the hit game Pokémon Sun/Moon are open. She comes in her classic white dress with her matching sun hat plus her famous bag (get in the bag Nebby!) and of course Nebby the Cosmog.


Isn’t she super cute? Thinking about grabbing one for myself!


Speaking of ordering Nendoroids, I finally put my money down for Daichi from Haikyuu!! The captain of the Karasuno Volleyball Team is ready to join the rest of the team, flowing jacket and all!


I can’t wait!! ✨✨✨


Another volleyball captain in Nendoroid form we got a sneak peek of recently: Ushijima Wakatoshi!


I’ve definitely going to get this little guy to add to my collection. ❤️


Daichi isn’t the only Karasuno member with a figure out for preorder. Already released in Nendoroid form, Hinata is ready to shine in his figma glory!



I just recently got into Love Live and so these figmas of Maki and Nozomi in cheerleading outfits are so cute!


And they aren’t the only ones to get these figures either! Honoka, Eli, Kotori, Rin and Umi are all also available in their corresponding outfit.



Plus we’ve got a look at a gorgeous Lillie scale figure coming from Kotobukiya:



And that’s about it for figures news that made me fan girl recently. Aren’t they all great? So pretty….

Anywho. As for my own collection, a new member has arrived to join the team: Kuroo Tetsuro!

Hopefully I’ll get to shoot an unboxing video for this little guy with my friends soon. You’ll be able to find that plus all our other Nendoroid unboxing videos on our YouTube channel, BabyCrowsCafe.

~Pati the Blue Link

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