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✨ this week in figure news ~ 003 ✨

Anime expo left us with a bunch of Nendoroid news. I don’t know if my heart can take it! 😱


Let’s start off with Disney. Earlier this year at Winter Wonder Festival, Good Smile Company announced several previews for up and coming Disney and Pixar Nendoroids.

Disney/Pixar Nendoroids

Last weekend we got a look at the first two of the batch, Rapunzel and Belle.

Rapunzel comes in her signature outfit with her long blonde hair braided and decorated with flowers for mobility and cuteness. With frying pan in hand and Pascal, her trusty chameleon, by her side (or in this case on her head), Rapunzel is ready for an adventure.

Rapunzel nendoroid

Belle, on the other hand, comes in her classic yellow ball gown with a little rose for her to hold. Joining her are Mrs. Potts and Chip, ready to help a girl out for the big dance.

Belle Nendoroid


Besides the Disney Princesses, we also got to see a finished Wakatoshi Ushijima from Haikyuu!! Yet another boy to add to my collection.

Like the captains before him, Wakatoshi comes with a flowing jacket to hang over his shoulders. With his serious face, he’s ready to hit those service aces and spikes that give Karasuno and others so much trouble.

Ushikawa Nendroid

But he’s not all doom and gloom, with a satisfied look on his face as he takes a water break.

Ushiwaka Nendoroid with Water Bottle

Just don’t make him mad or cocky and you won’t be subjected to this:

Ushiwaka Nendoroid with Cocky Face

Ushijima is available for preorder from Good Smile’s online shop from July 4th til August 10th.


We also got a sneak peek at the robots from Portal 2: ATLAS and P-body.

Atlas & P-Body Nendoroid Prototypes

Ah portal. I miss ya. I really did enjoy playing the co-op missions with my brother as these two. One or the few times I’ve bossed him around in a video game 😏


I fee like it wasn’t that long ago that we got a sneak peek at the prototype for Al’s Nendoroid and already we’re getting a painted version! Can’t be long for the preorders to be out for this little guy.

Alphonse Nendoroid - Colored Protoype

And he wasn’t the only Full Metal Alchemist  x Nendoroid news we got! Looks like Roy Mustang is going to join the boys:

Roy Mustang Nendoroid Announcement

Who’s next? Riza? Winry? Hughes?! My wallet is in distress but my heart will be happy 😱❤️✨


If you’re a Naruto fan, then this news is for you. Sakura and Itachi will be joining Naruto Sasuke, and Kakashi as Nendoroids.

Sakura & Itachi Nendoroid Announcement


Plus if you’re into Overwatch, like I know some of my friends are, a new player will be joining Tracer and Mei soon. Say hello to Mercy:


A perfect gift for your Overwatch fan.


Manoyama’s Queen has decided to grace us with her Nendoroid form. Sakura Quest’s own Yoshino Koharu will be getting her very own chibi figure.

Yoshino Koharu Nendoroid

Yoshino will be available for preorder on Good Smile’s online shop from July 6th through August 10th.


And to wrap it up, from the hit show Little Witch Academia from Studio Trigger, we got an announce that both Lotte and Sucy will be getting their own Nendoroids. They’ll be joining Atsuko, which you can still preorder on Crunchyroll’s online shop if you missed out!

Lotte & Sucy Nendoroid Announcement


Finally, a bit of non-Nendoroid news. Twin Oni sisters Ram and Rem from the hits show and light novel series Re:Zero got a couple of swimsuit scale figures to add to their plethora of figures.

Ram & Rem Swimsuit Scale Figures

Swimsuit Rem and Ram will be available for preorder from July 4th til August 3rd.

In addition we also got a new Kaori from Your Lie In April scale figure from Aniplex. This time in her outfit from Kosei’s fateful encounter at the start of the series.

Kaori 1/8 Scale Figure - Aniplex

Kaori is up for preorder from RightStuf and Tokyo Otaku Mode until October 23rd.

And lastly, a new Asuna figure to add to your collection. Aniplex brings you this stunning Diorama 1/8 scale figure of Asuna Yuuki based the recent SAO movie.

Asuna Yuuki Diorama 1/8 Scale Figure - Aniplex

She’s so pretty 😚.

Asuna is available for preorder from RightStuf and Tokyo Otaku Mode until October 9th.


That’s it for today! Did you see any figure you need for you collection? I know I did!


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