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nendophoto365: instagram filters 🌸

A few months ago I randomly decided that I wanted to another 365 photo project. The last I had done was back in my last year of college a few years ago and I remember it been quite fun.

Since I’ve been getting more and more into Nendoroids, which a collection that’s already in the double digits, I decide to take a shot at Nendoroid Photography. I wanted something that gave me a little more justification for my purchase than just the notion that they were too cute to resist (which is 100% true). Thus in April I started my Nendoroid specific 365 photo project, which I dubbed: NendoPhoto365.

I started out with taking Instagram photos with my phone of my little figures in simple poses, not caring if the stand was visible or not. I used twitter stickers and the Instagram filters to decorate them before launching them to the internet.

Here are a couple of my favorite shots from April:

The purpose was to take quickly, simple shots and get a feeling for the Nendoroids.


Yeah I really enjoyed take a photo every day but I quickly realized that it wasn’t going to fly for the direction I wanted to take my photography. So I decided that when i finished April and I was going to edit and upload a picture each day instead, taking the weekends to shoot for the week. I aimed to have a new theme for each month, though I’m not too strict on my own deadlines.


Since then I’ve been mostly keeping up with my project. I’ve missed days on occasion but have made sure I upload a picture for every day of each month, even if they’re a couple of days late.


You can check out my Instagram to see my progress (and get a couple of behind the scenes with Instagram Stories) or head over to my Flickr to see the whole collection in higher quality.


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