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a creation story 🌟 001

At the beginning of the universe, there was only darkness. For miles upon miles, an empty coldness stretched through endless space. From the void, a goddess was born: Os the Goddess of Darkness. Her skin was as dark as the world, her eyes a deep brown, and her long flowing hair as black as the darkest night. Out of the darkness she fashioned herself a hooded cloak and set forth to explore.

The goddess soon fell into depression as she realized she was the lone soul in a vast and empty space. Os curled herself into a ball and with all the longing in her heart, she wished for another to keep her company.

No sooner had she made her wish did a burst of pure light engulfed Os and the space around her. Os shut her eyes tight under her hood as the light spread throughout the universe, keeping them closed until the light subsided to a faint glow in front of Os. Slowly, one at a time, Os opened her eyes.

In front of her, stood a new being softly emanating a warm glow. Where Os’ hair was wavy and dark, this being’s was straight and white. Instead of deep brown, the new goddess had clear gray eyes. Her pale skin was a stark contrast to the dark space they inhabited but it was the small smile aimed at Os that captured the Goddess of Darkness’ attention.

The new Goddess of Light extended her hand to Os.

“My name is Luz”, she said.

Without uttering a word, the Goddess of Darkness launched herself into Luz’s arms, burying her head in the crook of Luz’s neck and began to cry. Luz wrapped her arms around the crying Goddess and held her tight, rubbing her back on occasion.

And thus Light was born from Darkness.


So I had a little idea for a creation story this morning and decide to write it down. I have no plans for this as a part of any larger story but for now I might continue on with it whenever I get a random burst to write.

~Pati the Blue Link 💙

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