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Monday Check In: Race to the Finish 🎃

Hey all! In the spirit of keeping this blog going, I’ve decided to have a little weekly check in on Mondays. Mostly to talk about stuff that I’ve been up to and have caught my attention.  So with that in mind, GAME START! 🎉


It’s November! The year is almost over but we still have a ways to go.

Halloween was fun this year. I don’t normally do much for the holiday, not since childhood, but this year I decided to dress up. We had a little costume contest at work so I thought what not? It’s been a while. The last costume I put more effort into was a Sailor Mars outfit back in college (my friends were the rest of the Scouts). I LOVE Mimikyu so I decided to not only dress up as the precious Pokemon but make the costume completely from scratch. I thought it would be relatively simple: a long-sleeve dress with a hoodie with ears plus some triangles for the dress hem. Not too complicated or so I thought. I ended up recruiting my mom to help me out since I have no sewing experience and BOY was it harder than I had anticipated. We worked on that costume for DAYS. Barely finished in time too, down to the wire the night before but it was worth it. It’s a super cute costume and I think I might use it for cons next year. I didn’t have the best costume in the office (that award goes to my boss who dressed up as Saitama from One Punch Man. It was perfect!) but I definitely had the cutest.

I’ve graduated from trick-or-treater to giver of candies and had door duty when my older sister was busy. I kept my costume, it’s ready quite comfortable, and one of the little girls recognized me! It made me so happy! Overall, I’d say it was a good Halloween. Maybe I’ll dress up next year too. 🎃


I barely finished the October set of photo for my #NendoPhoto365 project (up on the BabyCrowsCafe Instagram account). I really wanted to get through all 31 pictures done and posted by Halloween. I thought I might not make it, I had fallen way behind earlier in the month. Making the floor for the room diorama out of popsicle took way longer than I thought and put my behind schedule. I ended up editing and posting 4 pictures on Halloween.

Unfortunately, that rush to the finish (along with all the costume making) really took it out of me and now I’m behind for November’s set but only by 4 days. I’ve actually planned out most of the pictures I want to take this month so hopefully it’ll run more smoothly. I still have a lot of crafting to do to get it done though. Wish me luck!


With all the projects taking up my time in October, I feel behind with all my fall anime but I was able to do some catch up this weekend. Right now I’m watching Blend-S, the MMO Junkie anime, Love Live! Sunshine!!, Love is Like a Cocktail, March Comes In Like A Lion and Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond. I also have Urahara on my queue but not sure how I feel about it.

But more importantly I’ve been watching Stranger Things 2 with my sister and it’s still super good. We would have binged it all if we hadn’t been so busy lately.

Jane the Virgin is back with a new season and while I’m not sure how I feel about Adam, her first love that reappeared, I’m just happy he’s played by Tyler Posey. He’s so cute… 😍


Anyways, that’s it for today. Got a lot of crafting in my future but I’ll be back with another chapter of figure news later this week.

See ya next Monday!

~Pati the Blue Link 💙

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