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✨ this week in figure news ~ 009 ✨

Been busy with a couple of nendography prop projects, but now it’s time for a quick run through of some figure news!


It’s been a Love Live kind of week, with a couple of figFIX µ’s girls, a Chika nendoroid re-release, and the first half of the Dress Up World Image set of nendoroid outfits.

Let’s start off with µ’s. Nico and Hanayo have joined the rest of the girls in the Cheerleader line of figFIX figures.  They’re both ready for preorder on Good Smile’s Online shop from Nov. 7th through Dec. 7th, 2017.

Next up, vol 1 of the Dress Up World Image outfit set for your Aqours Nendoroids. This first volume includes Chika’s Taiwan outfit, Kanan’s Australian outfit, Dia’s Singaporean outfit, Yoshiko’s English maid outfit and Ruby’s South Korean outfit.


Like most Nendoroid More sets, each outfit comes in a blind box but if you order the whole set from Good Smile, not only will you get each outfit for sure, you can get the bonus hair and hat part to complete Yoshiko’s maid look.


Good Smile is also re-release the Chika Nendoroid in case you missed her first release!


Both are available for preorder from Good Smile, starting Nov. 7th through Dec 7th, 2017 as well.


Next up, we got a sneak peek at her prototype back during the last WonFes and now she’s up for preorders! Introducing, from the hit show Magical Circle Guru Guru, Nendoroid Kukuri~


She’s super cute and is available from Good Smile’s online shop, starting Nov. 7th through Dec 7th, 2017. If you order straight from Good Smile, you can get this Riko’s Flower Hair Accessory as a bonus:



Last week we saw the new face plates for your Umaru Nendoroid, this week we got a new set of  Umaru chibi trading figures!


They’re all so cuuuute! I especially love the one in her UMR outfit. These girls also come in a blind box with the chance for one secret character (which I’m pretty sure is her brother 🤔):

e girls are available from Nov. 9th, 2017 through Jan. 11th, 2018.


Lastly, we have a new scale figure to celebrate Miku’s 10th anniversary.


She comes in two different sets. The first is simply the Miku figure in all her glory. The second, Memorial Box version, not only brings the 10th Anniversary scale figure but also comes with a commemorative book called the “Hatsune Miku Archive”. Check out her page on Good Smile’s for more details on what the book includes.


That’s it for this week. See you next time!

~Pati the Blue Link 💙<<bt;

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