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Wednesday Check In: Worksgiving

So much for blogging on Monday. It’s only the second week of check-ins and I’m already behind. 😱 At least I didn’t forget! Progress.


How is everyone? Doing well I hope. Pretty decent myself. I had a busy weekend cleaning and reorganizing my room. I started on Friday, giving my room a good dusting and vacuuming, especially under my bed. My new desk arrived on Friday as well but I had to make space for it before I could assemble and put it in my room. I took apart my old college desk, which was honestly falling apart on its own. It’s been broken for a while now but still it held up I hadn’t gotten rid of it. I got busy on Saturday with craft projects but I built my new desk on Sunday (really all I had to do was attach the legs). I put it next to my bed and decided to reorganize my cube bookcases, which ended up taking up a lot of my day. It didn’t help that I had caught a cold and was really congested too but I got it done! I really do feel like I have more space in my room compared to before.

Backtracking a bit back to Saturday, I spent that day working on some crafting projects for my Nendoroid photography. I made several little manga books for my Nendoroids (28 to be precise). I had started working on this project before, taking pictures of the covers and bind of manga I own to later print out. I didn’t want to waste the paper and ended up fitting 28 different volumes of about 7 different series on one sheet. I even went as far as finding random pages from the manga series to print out and use as the pages for the mini book. I ended up going to FedEx to print out the covers and pages since I was out of color ink. I printed out some mini photos of my Nendoroids at Target as well. I’m not sure how I’m going to use them just yet but they will be going in their current home diorama.

While I was out, I also stopped by Michael’s and bought a bunch of things to get ready for the Christmas theme for next month. Can’t wait too long like I did for Halloween and end up rushing at the end. I’m hoping to create a little winter wonderland for the Nendoroids for December and January plus get some Christmas decorations ready for the little ones to celebrate as well. Hopefully it’ll all work out.

Outside of the weeb life, I did have my Worksgiving today. It’s a week early but due to scheduling reasons we decided to celebrate Thanksgiving at work today. It was nice. We had some peeps visiting from the Vancouver office today so the lunch table was super full. We’re lucky the new table that had been ordered had arrived before or else I don’t know how we would have managed to fit everyone in. The food was good. I took mashed potatoes (regular and sweet). I meant to make them myself but my mom ended up taking over since she didn’t work today. Oh wells. Next up will be my Friendsgivingmas celebration in December. Should be fun. I’ll probably make homemade mac’and’cheese for that one.

I think that’s it for this week. Be back next week (hopefully on Monday this time).


~Pati the Blue Link 💙

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